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Get The Hiker Down

Posted: May 4, 2014 in J P Morgan, Puzzles

Q. Hiker has reached a cliff of 200 meters height. This cliff has hooks at top, 200 meters, and at middle, 100 meters. Hiker plans to get down using hooks and his rope. But he realizes that his rope is only of 150 meters length. He also forgot to bring any additional hooks but luckily brought a knife with him. How can use his rope wisely and reach the ground safely ?

A. I couldn’t solve this question at the first shot. My proposal for hiker was to come down to 100 m hook, tie the rope at 100 m point, climb back to top and untie other end of rope. Since, we know hook is in middle, he can tie this other end to himself do a bungee jump to reach the ground ūüėÄ

Interviewer gave me some hints: No jumping risk required. Bring knife to equation. We can ignore rope used for tying knots.

Gradually, reached to a workable solution.

Right Answer:

1) Divide the rope in 100m, 50m parts. For doing this, hiker can go down to middle point, mark the rope and come back on top. Use knife for making parts.

Objective: From the middle point, we need to use 100m part. Challenge is to reach middle point, and still have hold of 100m rope.

2) Tie one end of 50m rope to topmost cliff, and make a hanging knot at other end.

Hanging Knot




Hanging Knot


3)¬†Fold 100 m rope to two stripes of 50m (don’t cut). Pass the hanging knot through the fold. At the end, middle of 100 m part should be touching knot point, both ends are kept together.


200m                             150m                                100m

4). Hiker has to hold both ends of 100m part. The length of assembly is 100m. He can reach to Hook2.

5). At hook 2, release one end of the rope and keep pulling from the other end. Since, 100m part is not tied tightly, it will come out of the knot and hiker will get this 100 m part to cover rest distance.

6) Use 100 m part to get down from middle point.